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What is ewills?

ewills is a convenient and secure way for you to complete your Will. You will be guided through the information you need to provide in a number of simple steps - most people take less than 15 minutes to complete the form. Once you have finished, our will experts will review your Will before it is emailed or posted to you along with instructions on how to sign and witness it to make it a legal document.

How to navigate and use ewills?

Details you will be entering on some of the pages will be essential for the writing of your Will. Use the Next button once you complete a page and at any time you may return to a completed page by using the Previous button without losing the information you have entered.

Considerations before creating your Will

Before you begin, there are certain things you will need to consider; they are the person or

  • Who you would like to be the executor of your Will. This is a very important role as they are the person or organisation that deals with your estate.

  • If the unthinkable were to happen, who would you like to be the guardian of any children under the age of 18? Consideration needs to be given to the impact it may have on that person or people and also where they may live.

  • If there are specific gifts you want to gift to any people or charities such as jewellery, cash, etc.

  • Once your specific gifts have been made, who would you like the remainder of your estate to go to and if they are not around whom else would it go to?

A will is only valid if you are over the age of 18. Please continue only if you are.

Voucher Code

You may have been provided a voucher code to have your Will written at a discounted price. If you have a voucher code, please enter it here.

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Who would you like to be your executor?

The executor of a Will performs a crucial role in making sure your wishes are carried out. Your executor can be anyone - there are no required qualifications or registrations (other than being an adult of sound mind and over the age of 20) but, depending on your estate, there can be a lot of time and effort required of the executor.

Although there may be advantages to selecting a family member or close friend you should also consider that following your death these very people are likely to be already going through a stressful situation and may not want the extra burden of being your executor. Also, consider that as your situation changes with time, these people may come and go and no longer wish to, or be able to, undertake these onerous tasks on your behalf.

This is where using a Trustee Company, as a professional executor, such as Perpetual Guardian, can be a great help. An independent executor won't be influenced by family demands or loyalties and will act in the best interests of all concerned. After 130 years of carrying out this important service for New Zealanders we have a thorough understanding of what is needed and can make sure your affairs are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Whoever who you choose as your executor there are costs involved - even a family member may need to pay for legal help for some areas. When you pick Perpetual Guardian we apply a discount to the cost of the Will to recognise these future costs.

For more information on Perpetual Guardian's Estate Administration Services please click here.

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Your Family Situation

We understand that with today's more complex family structures, some Wills can be more complicated than others. To better personalise your Will to suit your family situation, here are a few extra questions for your consideration.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

Please select either Yes or No for each of these situations.

  • Do you or your partner have a child from a previous relationship?
  • Do any of your beneficiaries have special needs that mean that they cannot manage their own affairs?
  • Are you intending on leaving an immediate family member out of your Will?
  • Are you wanting to divide your assets unequally between your beneficiaries?

  • Do you own or part-own a business?
  • Do you intend to gift Real Estate differently from the rest of your estate?
  • Do you have a personal or family Trust?

  • Do you require any legal or professional advice to prepare your Will?

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Your executor is responsible for the administration of your estate and must fulfil all legal requirements including obtaining probate and ensuring that your wishes are carried out. This is an important job and carries personal legal obligations that may remain with the nominated person for a number of years. We recommend that you make yourself aware of the duties of an executor, further information can be found in the Glossary of terms. You may appoint a family member or a close friend as the main executor or Perpetual Guardian.


A Guardian is the person or people who will step into your shoes and have the responsibility for the overall wellbeing of your children if they are under the age of 18. A Guardian will only be required on the death of both parents, however please ensure that your nominated Guardian is aware that you have asked for them to take on this important role. If you like to appoint Guardians for your children, you may do so here. Refer to the Care of Children Act 2004 for further details.


If you wish you can specify whether you would like to be buried or cremated. While funeral wishes are not binding letting your next of kin know what you would like to happen can be very helpful at this time.


Gifts are money or specific items that you wish to leave to individuals or organisations prior to any further distribution of your estate. It is recommended that you only gift items of value or special family significance. A list held with your will of other wishes or distribution directions is recommended where there are numerous items or complex conditions.

If you intend to leave real estate as a gift we recommend you speak to one of our advisors.

You will be given the opportunity to donate and to leave a legacy on the next page.

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Bequests to Charities

Leave a gift to a charity

Many people also like to leave a gift to charity as a lasting legacy. If you would like to do this and would like to see some worthy charities, a list can be found here.

If you are not sure which charity to support then donate through the Perpetual Guardian Foundation that provides for a selection of charities.

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Distribution of Remaining Assets

Who will you leave your remaining assets to first?

To assist your executor when distributing your estate, it's helpful for them to have an understanding of the total value of your estate.

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Order confirmation and Payment

  1. I have the legal capacity to make a will and that the information provided is complete and accurate. I acknowledge that the information I have provided will be used to create this will and may be used to contact me in the future.
  2. This will is being prepared by The New Zealand Guardian Company Trust Limited trading as Perpetual Guardian.
  3. I acknowledge that Perpetual Guardian has provided me with the information documenting the fee for the administration of my estate.
  4. I acknowledge that Perpetual Guardian has made information on the Family Protection Act 1955, Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act 1949, and Property (Relationships) Act 1976 available to me.
  5. I understand that I have not received advice in completing my will online.
  6. I understand that Perpetual Guardian will register basic details of my will with the New Zealand Will Registry. Read More.

Perpetual Guardian use the New Zealand Will Registry to ensure every Will can be found. By ticking this box I agree that Perpetual Guardian can register basic personal details with the New Zealand Will Registry. The Registry is available to lawyers to identify the location of my Will via an online search. Read More

Can I change my online will?

You have up to 14 days on receipt of your new Will to make changes.

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