Keeping up to date has never been so easy


Just as it can be hard for your family if you don’t have a Will, it can also be difficult if you don’t keep your Will up to date. Your Will should be kept somewhere safe, where it can be easily found in time of need.

In our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to find the time to keep things up to date. Perpetual Guardian makes this easy and cost effective for you with our WILLplus service providing three valuable benefits. 


1.       REVIEW

Keep your will up to date with an annual checkup

The annual review allows you to update your Will to account for the changes that have happened throughout the year. These may require updates to beneficiaries, executors, guardians or gifts. This ensures your things will go to the people you intend, and that your loved ones will be protected as you would want. 

2.       SECURE

myDigital Vault for anytime access

Our digital storage facilities will keep a copy of your Will safe and confidential. The Perpetual Guardian myDigital Vault is purpose built to store digital copies of the personal papers which you need ready access to but for which you need an additional level of security. This could be your Will, birth certificates, passport copies, passwords or even old school reports. 

3.       HELP

Access to expert help through Bereavement Help

Bereavement Help is available to provide support and advice to those who are left behind. Bereavement Help provides online information about what to do next and a free-phone to call if you need more help. As a professional Trustee we monitor the bereavement notices daily, so we will be ready and responsive when needed. You can access Bereavement Help at www.bereavementhelp.co.nz, or by calling 0800 773 002. 


For only $34.95 per year, our WILLplus service makes it easy for you to protect your Will and other important documents while being able to update your Will each and every year.  If you wish to subscribe to the WILLPlus service, simply select it at the end of the eWill creation process.

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