Your Will Options

An online Will lets you take care of the future all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can complete the online form in under 15 minutes. Our team of legal experts then use your responses to craft a customised, effective will which perfectly fits your lifestyle and situation. 

Sometimes personal circumstances can be a little tricky.  By looking at the options below, you can determine whether it is best to do your will online or speak to one of our experts. (Click here to find an office near you)

  Complete your will online Speak to us in person
Legally reviewed by estate planning experts Yes Yes
Tailored to your needs Yes Yes
Convenient online storage Yes Yes
Specific gifts (bequests) Yes Yes
Blended families (e.g. remarriage, step-children)   Yes
Business-owner or farm-owner   Yes
Family issues*   Yes
You have an existing family trust   Yes
  Get started now Speak to an expert

* This could include a relative who suffers from addiction, or if you wish to disinherit a close family-member.

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